National Passport Processing Center

If you are looking for the National Passport Processing Center, you will be happy to know that you have several options. While you may assume that there is just one National Passport Processing Center located in our nations capital, there are actually several locations located across the nation to choose from.

The official National Passport Processing Center is located in the state of New Hampshire, but that doesn’t mean that you must go there in person to receive your passport. In fact, you will be much better off going to a passport center located in a major metropolitan area in a US city. My personal experience involves going to the passport processing center in Washington, DC, but there are many others to choose from.
US Passport Picture

Here is a list of current US Passport centers as of February 2013:

    • Arkansas Passport Center
 – Hot Springs, AR
    • Atlanta Passport Agency
 – Atlanta, GA
    • Boston Passport Agency
 – Boston, MA
    • Buffalo Passport Agency
 – Buffalo, NY
    • Chicago Passport Agency
 – Chicago, IL
    • Colorado Passport Agency
 – Aurora, CO
    • Connecticut Passport Agency – 
Stamford, CT
    • Dallas Passport Agency -
Dallas, TX
    • Detroit Passport Agency -
 Detroit, MI
    • El Paso Passport Agency -
 El Paso, TX
    • Honolulu Passport Agency – 
Honolulu, HI
    • Houston Passport Agency
 – Houston, TX
    • Los Angeles Passport Agency – 
Los Angeles, CA
    • Miami Passport Agency – 
Miami, FL
    • Minneapolis Passport Agency
 – Minneapolis, MN
    • National Passport Center – 
Portsmouth, NH
    • New Orleans Passport Agency
 – New Orleans, LA
    • New York Passport Agency
 – New York, NY
    • Philadelphia Passport Agency – 
Philadelphia, PA
    • San Diego Passport Agency
 – San Diego, CA
    • San Francisco Passport Agency
 – San Francisco, CA
    • Seattle Passport Agency
 – Seattle, WA
    • Vermont Passport Agency
 – St. Albans, VT
    • Washington Passport Agency – 
Washington, DC
    • Western Passport Center
 – Tucson, AZ

While most centers are located in major US cities, you should have options across the country for renewing your passport. Depending on how urgent your need may be, you can book an appointment with the National Passport Processing Center or just walk in for an appointment. The latter option of a walk in appointment is something that you cannot readily find information on the Internet to explain, but I assure you that I was able to walk in to the US Passport office in Washington DC and receive an expedited passport.

Walk In Appointments at the National Passport Processing Center in Washington DC

If you are looking to have a walk in appointment with the Washington DC Passport Processing center, you should budget for around 2-3 hours for the entire experience. You should also be prepared to have the minimum number of items required in order to fill out the application.

You must have 2 passport photos taken in advance of walking into the National Passport Processing Center in order to get your passport issued. I also recommend that you fill out your entire passport application in advance of your visit in order to save time.

Setting an Official Passport Appointment over the Phone

Depending on your circumstances, a walk in appointment may be a much better alternative to using the automated phone system to reserve an appointment. This is because the phone system only allows you to have an appointment anywhere between 2-5 days into the future, and rarely has same day passport appointments available.

In addition, the phone system for setting an appointment with the National Passport Center is very annoying and takes 5-10 minutes just to talk to a person. When you finally reach a person, they are required to conduct a 5 minute survey before you can even ask about appointments.

The difference between a walk in appointment and a phone appointment is about 5-10 minutes in time saved while in person. While there were appointments set for individuals every 15 minutes throughout the day, most people who came to the office in person were able to get in front of the passport office within 30 minutes of arrival, so time savings was minimal.

If you are ever in need of a new passport immediately, you should definitely just walk in and register for your passport on site as opposed to waiting on the phone. There are several spots available for new passports each day, and you are pretty much guaranteed to walk away with a passport on the same day.